Ant Moore

"The production of this estate wine brand is the culmination of many years hard work and the realization of a dream. I moved to New Zealand in 2002 and since then have undertaken every task required to make wine. I planted a bare block and developed a number of vineyards, bought a winery and built it up, created a number of successful wine brands and now with benefit of hard earned experience, I can now launch my signature wine 'Ant moore'.

I wasn't sure about putting my name on the front of a bottle. It seemed a bit too egocentric, but faced with the prospect of naming a wine after another tree, river, rock or mountain and when trying to define what made my wine unique, my name seemed a fair choice. I have control over every aspect of the production, from managing my vines to harvesting the fruit to processing the wine. I'm not afraid to try new and different approaches and to push the boundaries, to me that's what making wine is all about... Constantly learning and having fun." Ant Moore

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