Celler Piñol

For more than four generations, the Piñol family's love of the land and vineyards has enabled them to develop world-class grapes used to produce the high quality wines that they sell around the world today. Combining traditional winemaking methods with state-ofthe-art technology ensures their exceptional wine quality.

Because exceptional things, wine in particular, cannot be improvised, they waited 50 years from the first planting in 1945 before selling their first bottle, L'Avi Arrufi 1995.

Some of their wines are a tribute to the efforts of their ancestors and are named in their honor.

  • Mather Teresina (1920-1989)
  • L'Avi Arrufi (1894-1976)
  • Viña Orosina (1898-1984)
  • Josefina Piñol (1947)

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